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Sugar free, carbohydrate free and all natural product

Peach/Apple flavor drink, it consists of an extracts of green tea and vitamins
As B3, E, C.
Green tea: refreshing, awakening, speeding the kidney activity, powering up the body, speeding metabolism, likely to prevent inflammation of the joints.
Approved by the Israeli diabetes association only 1 calorie in 100 m”l.

Nutrition Facts

Some More

Vitamins are crucial for biological system. It is essential to consume an additional amount of vitamins from an external source.
Vitamin B group can be found in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It is essential in the physical growth process, the tissue renewal process, an important element in a proper Immune system, central nervous system, and mental health functioning. The vitamin B group is essential in producing energy. Most vitamins are not stored in the body there fore it is crucial to consume it from external sources on a daily basis.
Vitamin C Group: Is highly important in the functioning of many enzymes. It also acts as an important ingredient of to all our body organs. The vitamin is also essential in the maintenance function of the teeth, gums, bones, blood vessels. The vitamin also produces neurotransmitter and hormones of the glands. It allows iron absorption and polic acids. The vitamin is an essential element in preventing infections and treating wounds. Lack of Vitamin C consumption can cause weakness, pain and suffering, it can also cause bone fractures, loosening of teeth, anemia, and even the scurvy disease.

Vitamins E Group is essential in slowing the aging process and the functioning of many enzymes. It protects tissues, and in particular the lungs, it also protects the body from red blood cell infections and poisoning. Lack of vitamins can cause destroying the red blood cells and cause anemia.

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