The new brand of water “Water&” is an innovative flavoured water which in enriched with vitamins. The beverage was developed by Israeli entrepreneurs the idea is to offer added value water that is enriched with vitamins. The added value beverage is made out of a special mix of purified water enriched with an extraction of plants and vitamins. The beverage serves a growing market of health conscious consumers.
Water& product beverages offer consumers 3 benefits: Taste health and functionality at this stage Water& presents three new products in three unique tastes:

For the first time the consumer is offered a beverage with a functionality benefit. Water&’s target  market is of educated consumers with modern behaviours who are health conscious and are very involved in daily activities such as: work, school, and sports activities.

The product development consisted of numerous experiences involving professional focus groups managed by food technologists. Once the taste was defined, the correct dosage of vitamins was added along with the functionality influential plants mixtures. This value added vitamin water provides consumers with a health alternative to other soft drinks.
Water& is distributed and available in the market in a durable decorated designed 500 ML.

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